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Evaluation and Integrity

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Policies on Assessment and Evaluation

All assignments are required. I encourage you to discuss your assignments and your grades with me while the course is in progress.


In each assignment, I am looking for evidence of thoughtful engagement and reflection on course readings, lectures, workshops and discussions. I invite you to carefully consult the assessment rubrics that I have developed for each assignment to guide your work and to support your understanding of the expectations of each assignment. 


Academic Honesty    

I cannot stress enough the significance of ALWAYS giving credit where credit is due. In all that you do, you are expected to cite any and all resources that you use in the construction of any and all work. Print sources as well as electronic media must be cited. Any work submitted for evaluation must either be original work or cited work. Plagiarism is absolutely unacceptable. The University's policy regarding academic dishonesty as stated in the John Carroll University Undergraduate Bulletin will be adhered to.


Grading System

Students are evaluated by their understanding of substantive information, insight regarding the synthesis and transformation of this information into knowledge, capacity to apply this knowledge to new situations, and the ability to communicate this knowledge.



Outstanding scholarship. 4 quality points.


3.7 quality points.


3.3 quality points.


Superior work. 3 quality points.


2.7 quality points.


2.3 quality points.


Average. 2 quality points.


1.7 quality points.


1.3 quality points.


Lowest passing quality. 1 quality point.


Failure. No quality points.



Attendance at every class is required. In the event that you are unable to attend class for a substantive reason, please contact me PRIOR to that class to arrange an excused absence. A pattern of unexcused absences will result in a pattern of reduced FINAL grades. (One grade for each unexcused absence, i.e. from A to B)


Late Assignments

Submitting assignments after the assigned due date will reduce the grade for that assignment by one letter (i.e. from A to B). However, PRIOR to due dates alternative arrangements can be made for late submissions. A final grade of "I" (incomplete) may be awarded upon request and pending approval.

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